AGP RunGO App Instructions

Step 1: Get the free RunGo app
Download the RunGo app for iPhone, Android, or Apple Watch, or make sure you have the latest update.
We suggest creating a free RunGo account to keep track of your completed runs, but this is optional to participate.
Step 2: Open the race route in the app
The voice-guided app gives turn-by-turn directions and race info.
Read the route’s description on RunGo to prepare for your run, including starting spot.
Step 3: Run the route
You can follow these routes on RunGo with the built-in turn-by-turn voice navigation, without getting lost, and without needing a map!
We suggest trying a practice run, as a separate run or warm-up: select your race route, start your run, and end after taking a number of steps (say, 30 seconds), in order to make yourself comfortable with the start and finish.
Step 4: Seamless submit to the leaderboard
At the end of the run, look for “Share Your Run” -> “Submit to Virtual Race” and select your race’s name. Enter your email address for confirmation. This will seamlessly add your run or runs to the leaderboard on the race website.
Step 5: Celebrate!
You did it. Way to go! Check your race’s website as the leaderboard is constantly updated.
Alternate steps 1-4
You may also submit from another running app or manually, via the form on
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