First and Foremost

  1. This whole thing is about having a blast. The Atlanta Grand Prix, entirely, is designed around a love of our ATL and runner community.

  1. Be Kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others, and others means anyone taking part in the AGP, and everyone who is not, too! This community experience will take part within many parts of Atlanta that we love, and most of our love is there because of the people who live there. Being a jerk to people is the quickest way to find yourself removed from the AGP. We’re here to have a good time, and that means respecting other people’s good time.

  1. Respect ATL outdoors! No littering, this is enormous. No acts of disrespect of any kind to the people or places we explore. If you are eating gels or carrying a water bottle, carry it with you all the way until you can throw it away in a trash or recycling bin - either the city’s or at your home.

  1. Be respectful in our online community. We’re looking to connect our ATL community through an experience throughout our neighborhoods and secret paths, and we want people to share that stoke. So in every way, we will encourage and ensure constructive and positive communication within our grand prix.


Thank you again, everyone, we’re so glad you’re with us on this journey. Please check out the Facebook page for the Atlanta Grand Prix and keep up with one another.


Atlanta Grand Prix updates will be posted on


The AGP Facebook page


What is the Atlanta Grand Prix

If you want the story of how the Atlanta Grand Prix came to be, read that here.


Here’s the simplified breakdown of what AGP is:

The Atlanta Grand Prix is a foot-racing series presented by rnnr, and the courses are designed by the unstoppable Atlanta Snack Club, who are masters at discovering the hidden scenes and beauties of ATL. We wanted to make a grand experience, and we missed the feel of having a course ready for racing with people. So, we started working to make that experience happen. 


For the first two weeks of the AGP, every participant will have access to Course A (which will be revealed on May 31, after 9PM). The courses will show off the beauty of our city in a more intimate way than the traditional race could. At the end of two weeks, that course is done and no more results can be submitted for it. Course B details are emailed out on that Monday night. This pattern repeats for each course.


In order to know where to go, we will have courses in the RunGo App which offers spoken turn-by-turn directions, we will offer turn-by-turn cue sheets in email, and the GPX file of each course will be delivered for anyone with a watch that has a course-following feature.


Aside from running, we’re giving away prizes from many of our favorite brands and businesses in Atlanta to AGP participants. And we cannot wait to get everyone their own AGP Performance Pacer Hat and Marathon sock!



  • Course A - May 31- June 13

  • Course B - June 14-June 27

  • Course C - June 28- July 11

  • Course D -July 12- July 25

  • Course E - July 26- Aug 8

  • Course F - Aug 9- Aug 22


Submitting Your Run

GPS! Each runner will record their attempt on the course by watch or phone, and here’s how you do it.



  1. Record via RunGo App on your phone

  2. Record on your GPS watch and submit your run at our AGP website

  3. Record via Strava, MapMyRun or another system and then submit your run at our AGP website


You choose your method of submitting your run. Now here’s how you do that.

  1. Via RunGo App


Here are instructions for RunGo App - downloading and submitting your race


- When submitting through RunGo you must use THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ALL 6 RACES. If you do not do this, your results will not be on the final leaderboard. Don't enter your birthdate, bib number or anything else to verify your submission. Again, you will NOT be on the combined leaderboard if you do this.
-Only submit one race result. You may run the courses as many times as you'd like but only submit your results once.

  • You can also submit your virtual race after you are done by opening the RunGo App. At the top, beside the magnifying glass, is what looks like a brick/ice cream sandwich. Tap that, and your run history comes up.

      • Hit Details beside your run result

      • Now choose Submit Virtual RaceSTRONGLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING the course to your phone.

        • This is the most accurate way to get turn-by-turn directions from the app

        • The app does not use cellular data since the course is downloaded to your phone

  1. Via Submitting on the Atlanta Grand Prix Website From Your Watch/Phone


In order to submit your run at, you will be need the GPX file, or the recording of your run.

  • If you Recorded on your WATCH - The brand of watch you have will have its own method of accessing the GPX file. We ask that you get familiar with how to do that with your brand’s watch now, sooner than later, so that you can submit your results easily at our website.

  • If you Recorded on your PHONE - most apps, Strava and MapMyRun among them, have a desktop website. Usually, you will go to the desktop website to download an individual run’s GPX data. Please learn how to do that now, sooner than later, so that you can submit your results easily at our website.

    • Strava’s is simple, and here are their instructions.

    • If you use the RunGo App, you can download the GPX file to your phone from the mobile app by pulling up your run.

  • You’re ready to submit your GPX file! Great!

    • Head to, and click the “Submit Your Time” button

    • You’ll be directed to a form

      • Here you will upload your GPX file

      • Fill in the information about yourself, including your name and email

      • You’re done, your race is submitted



There are six courses! We’re so excited to share them with you. We will release each course and the course details when that course is open. So every second Monday, as we start a new course, expect to get those details at midnight or soon after.

  • Turn-by-Turns Cue Sheets!

    • Our courses will have turn-by-turn cue sheets, provided by Atlanta Snack Club. If you are a big fan of this tried-and-true method of running an unfamiliar course, we got you.

  • Course Markings! This is what you’ll see on the course to let you know you’re in the right place

    • Yellow tape at the base of trees - if you go through a wooded area, you’ll see yellow tape wrapped all the way around the tree. This way, we hope to avoid people pulling the tape off, like they may do for dangling course tape.

Course Descriptions

We’re gonna give you the heads up about each course. We will do this by describing: The major landmarks, any "sticky" areas that are hard for GPS to accurately map, how bad the hills will be (they'll be bad) and the history of the area. 

We’ll definitely give you a course distance. HOWEVER because everyone will be recording on a GPS, everyone will have slightly different distances recorded. Because no GPS out there is the same or records perfectly, that’s just how it is, so please do not complain that the course is long or short. Just stick to the course that is mapped and have a great time. If you or anyone takes a wrong turn, then you may make another attempt at the course. If you believe the course is mapped or directed incorrectly, please let us know. We have done our research, but we trust our people and will listen and act to correct our mistakes.



  1. The Atlanta Grand Prix community can share with each other via the facebook page

  1. Follow the rnnr instagram and/or Facebook Store Page for updates, fun photos we’ll share of the AGP community, and sweet swag 

  1. Follow the Atlanta Snack Club Instagram for clues and goodies on upcoming courses

  1. Hashtags - use these hashtags so we can find your posts and so you other AGP runners can find them, too!

    1. #atlgrandprix

    2. #iamrnnr

    3. #keeprunningrad


Awards and Prizes

You know about the Big Ass Trophy! That goes to our Overall winners for Men’s and Women’s. 


We will also present two Big Ol’ Trophies for Masters Men’s and Women’s!


We will also be raffling and giving away prizes for each course! At the close of every course, we will be giving away a good from our sponsors. Now, the criteria to enter a raffle may become more competitive along the way. We’ll be creating fun ways to get our AGP community thinking and having a good time out there.


Results and Leader Board


Results and the Leader Board can be found at 


This will activate once the races have begun.



The entire design of AGP was built with Covid in mind, and in every way we looked at it, this was the perfect plan to execute a competitive running experience in the midst of a pandemic that didn’t allow us to congregate in groups. Keep your distance, wear a mask if your gathering at start/finish and just be respectful of people's bubble.

And it’s also why each course starts on Mondays. Spread out the herd. You’re welcome.